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CO Pedagogy

·          Narayana’s CO pedagogy is a special academic approach developed over the years with proven result.

·          At Narayana Jaipur, the CO pedagogy is in practice for the students of class 9, 10, 11 & 12.

·          CO pedagogy is to further boost those students who have readily grasped the taught curriculum so far and have demonstrated their performance in internal exams at a high level.

·          Students in the CO are given an additional academic rigour with which their ability to crack complex problems with speed is further increased.



1.       All the students at Narayana Jaipur remain yearlong in their allocated batches and there is no batch shuffling.

2.       The CO pedagogy is an additional boost for the students who demonstrate performance over a defined benchmark.

3.       The CO is an open opportunity to all students to undertake additional academic inputs at Narayana Jaipur subject to demonstration of benchmark performance.

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