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I acknowledge that I have read and fully understood the terms of this undertaking and waiver of liability, and I sign it voluntarily without any duress.
I hereby authorize Nspira Management Services Private Limited (on behalf of Narayana Coaching Centre) to contact me through Phone Call / SMS / WhatsApp / Email or any other medium to provide regular updates. Further, I also agree to the below mentioned terms and conditions:

1.         That I am seeking admission in my own interest and accord.

2.        That I have read all the instructions of the Information Bulletin / available Online and I do agree to follow the instructions as applicable.

3.        That all the information furnished by me in the Online Application Form or in any other form etc. is correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that in the event of any information found to be incorrect or false, my admission may be cancelled without any refund of fee.

4.        That I solemnly affirm that the institute has rights to send me emails (e-newsletters), SMS alerts, WhatsApp Messages (Text, Images, Video, Documents) and post on the mentioned communication details.

5.        That I shall be responsible for my rustication on grounds of misconduct, misuse of mobile phones, misuse of internet or any illegal and indecent activity.

6.        That in case of my selection in Medical / Engineering Entrance Exams / NTSE & Olympiads / Commerce Courses, the institute reserves the right to use my name, photo and other information for publicity purpose (Print & Electronic Media).

7.        That I agree to abide by the Refund Rules of the Institute.

8.        That I shall be fully responsible for any accident / mis-happening occurring with me/by me inside / outside the Coaching Centre/institute’s premises and Nspira Management Services Private Limited will not responsible in any manner.

9.        I agree that all disputes that may arise are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts in Jaipur, Rajasthan only.

My admission is for the year-long classroom course for the existing Academic year only.

“Undertaking from Parents / Guardian”

I, understand and acknowledge that my ward is enrolled in the coaching centre program with Nspira Management Services Private Limited, and my ward is participating in educational training sessions and adjoining extracurricular activities that are being offered by the coaching centre (“Coaching Centre Activities”).

I hereby undertake and confirm on behalf of my ward:

1.        That I and my ward have read and understood, and shall obey in word and spirit, all applicable guidelines, policies, rules and regulations of NSPIRA (as may be amended from time to time), and that it is my responsibility to ensure that I and my ward comply with all such guidelines, policies, rules and regulations.

2.        That I shall be solely responsible for any accident, mishappening, medical emergency and / or injury that has occurred to my ward, whether on or off-campus and that I shall not hold Nspira or its directors, officers, employees or representatives (collectively, with Nspira, “ Nspira Personnel”) liable for any such accident, mishappening, medical emergency and / or injury.

3.        That I shall be solely responsible for my ward’s well-being and any and all activities off-campus or outside the scope of Coaching Centre Activities and shall ensure that my ward conduct himself / herself responsibly and with decorum at all times off-campus, including with respect to all other students and course participants, and that Nspira Personnel shall not have any liability for any and all activities off-campus or outside the scope of Coaching Centre Activities, including actions by other students or course participants and / or damage or theft to personal belongings.

4.        That Nspira Personnel shall not in any way be liable for my ward’s behaviour, discipline, or conduct off-campus and / or beyond the scope of Coaching Centre activities, including with respect to any other students and course participants. I shall be fully responsible for my ward’s conduct, behaviour, discipline and decorum including with respect to any other students and course participants and shall take all necessary steps and ensure that all necessary steps are

5.        That I am aware and understand that entrance examinations are competitive and rigorous, and that Nspira Personnel shall not in any way be liable for my ward’s well-being, in any fashion whatsoever. That I shall provide full information to my ward about the nature of the entrance examinations, and ensure external help and assistance such as counselling, as and when requested by my ward and / or when I find it necessary.

6.        That I shall create a positive atmosphere of learning and acceptance at home and not impose any undue pressure on my ward to perform and / or excel in the Coaching Centre Activities / entrance examinations related thereto.

7.        That, if required for my ward’s safety and well-being, I shall appoint a local guardian for my ward and inform Nspira of the same at the earliest instance.

8.        That Nspira does not guarantee specific academic results, test scores, or admission to any higher educational institution.

9.        That I shall indemnify and hold harmless Nspira and other Nspira Personnel from any breach of the terms and conditions of this letter of undertaking and / or any breach of Nspira ‘s guidelines, policies, rules and regulations, and that I shall waive my rights in respect of, and release and discharge Nspira and other Nspira Personnel from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions, or causes of action arising out of or related to any: (i) accident, mishappening, medical emergency

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